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Custom Embroidered Patches from Discount

Need quick patches? No worries, Our friendy staff are ready to take your orders. Send Your free quote now. has everything you need to create your unique patch design! Now that we have helped create the perfect design for you, we move to the next step in the process-Borders and Backing. These options are made available to you so that you can decide to move forward with a classic or custom shape. Our design team will help you figure out which would be the best option for the look you want to achieve.

Custom Patch Options

Custom Embroidered Merrowed Border Patch Design from Discount

Merrowed Border

This method is used with classic patch shapes. It seals the complete border of the patch so no threads fray or separate. A merrowed border also offers a thin, clean design line to the patch.

Custom Embroidered Hotcut Border Patch Design from Discount

Hotcut Border

This method is used for more complex patch shapes. As the name implies, heat is used to seal the edges on these uniquely shaped patches to achieve a borderless look with no thread separation or fraying.

Custom Embroidered Iron on Backing Patch Design from Discount

Iron on Backing

This permanent sealing option is the perfect choice for anyone wanting a quick and easy solution to patch placement. It takes the need out of sewing the patch onto your chosen item, and only takes seconds to complete!

100% Embroidery Custom Patch Design from Discount

100% Embroidery

With this option the entire patch is embroidered! If you have multiple colors or images in your design, this option is the best choice. This allows for extra depth and richness in the design itself.

75% Embroidery Custom Patch Design from Discount

75% Embroidery

This option is the perfect choice if you have a plain color background that you would like your design to stand out against. It is slightly simpler than the 100% Embroidery, but still makes a beautiful impact.

50% Embroidery Custom Patch Design from Discount

50% Embroidery

This option is excellent for those patches that require large, easy to read numbers and/or letters. This is a popular choice for name tags, government logos, division logos, etc.

Fine Woven Embroidery Custom Patch Design from Discount

Fine Woven

This is an embroidery option like no other! It is appropriate for any design with small, intricate details. These patches reveal even the finest of details, and allow for a picture-like outcome!

Custom Patch Thread Colors

Custom Patch Twill Colors

Custom Patch Backings and Thread Options

Patch Backings & Thread options Additional Options
Standard Backing FREE with order
Iron on Backing Add $0.10 per patch
Velcro Backing Varies by size
Tape Backing Add 25% per patch
Merrowed Border Free with order
Hot Cut Border Add $0.10 per patch
Button Loop Add $0.10 per patch
Metallic Thread Add 25% per patch
Neon Thread Add 25% per patch
Order Minimum 50 pieces per design
Colors 7 Colors included free
Additional Colors Add $0.10 per color
Custom Embroidered Patch Collection from Discount

Custom embroidered patches are an excellent choice when deciding how to best represent your business, organization, employees, event, etc. The design possibilities are truly endless, and our customers have FUN ordering their patches from us! What many companies charge their customers for we offer to you for FREE? Why? Because we care about our customers and stand behind our employees and our product!

Did we mention that our FREE Shipping service is also FAST? From the date you place your order you should expect to receive your purchase to anywhere in the United States within 14 business days! Don’t delay! Submit a FREE Quote form to our design team today!

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